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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Connect-IT?    click to see or hide answer

Connect-IT is the University's internet service provider in Western, Brescia, and Huron residences.

How do I access Connect-IT?    click to see or hide answer

Connect-IT is included in a residence room charge. With access to Connect-IT, users can enjoy our-high speed wired internet connection in their residence bedroom, and a convenient wireless service throughout their residence building. More information can be found on our Internet Services support page.

Is there University provided wireless in my Residence room?    click to see or hide answer

Yes! Students living in residence can access Connect-IT (our wireless service) in their residence room, as well as in other spaces of residence.

Students can also access uwosecure-v2 (Campus wireless service) in main campus buildings such as the University Community Centre.

For more information, please visit

Can I bring a wireless router?    click to see or hide answer

No. Personal wireless routers broadcast interfering signals continuously and represent a security risk to the Connect-IT internet service. As a result, personal wireless routers are not permitted in residence. If you are having issues with your current wireless connection, please call our Hotline at 519-661-4225 so that we can explore potential solutions.

Can I connect a wireless printer to Connect-IT?    click to see or hide answer

Wireless printers are not compatible with the security required by our wireless service. Additionally, signals from wireless printers also interfere with the wireless internet being provided to you and your fellow residents.

You can still use your printer by turning off the wireless broadcasting, and using a USB printer cable.

What type of computer do I need to connect to Connect-IT?    click to see or hide answer

Nearly any computer, tablet, or smart phone can connect to our wireless and/or wired service. To ensure you have the best experience in the campus technical environment, we recommend that your device meets these recommended minimum specifications:

Processor Intel Core i3/i5 or AMD equivalent (PC or Mac)
Memory (RAM) 6GB
Operating System Windows 10 or macOS 11 or higher

We provide full technical support for:

  • macOS 11 and above
  • Windows 10 and above
  • Android Phones and Tablets
  • iPhones and iPads
  • Chrome OS devices

Please note that distributions of Linux operating systems may not be supported by our staff, but can connect to our services.

If you have any questions about your device specifications, please contact our Hotline at 519-661-4225 or email us at

What are the Connect-IT Bandwidth limits?    click to see or hide answer

Connect-IT has no monthly bandwidth limits. Please note that the primary purpose of our network service is to support the academic mission of the University.

To ensure equal access for all users, we do reserve the right to request that users monopolizing the network resources, reduce their usage. In order to preserve the integrity of the network, we also reserve the right to modify our bandwidth limits policy.

For more information please refer to our complete Bandwidth Guidelines.

What else do I need to bring?    click to see or hide answer
  • An Ethernet cable (and USB Ethernet adapter if applicable)
  • A USB printer cable
  • Your Western user name and password
  • Anti-Virus Software

For a complete list of what to bring, please visit our What to Bring page.

What if I need help during the year with Connect-IT?    click to see or hide answer

Although you are responsible for getting connected, we have an excellent student support team available to assist with configuration issues. For those who are experiencing connection difficulties, we recommend that they call our Hotline at 519-661-4225 and speak with a customer service representative. Hotline hours are available here.

What is a good network speed?    click to see or hide answer

Worried about your network speeds? You can run a speed test here: http://speedtest.uwo.pri/

Here's what your result means:

  • Download speed = how much information your device can receive in one second
  • Upload speed = how much information your device can send in one second
  • Ping = your device's reaction time, how quickly you receive a response from the network after sending a request

So how much speed do you need to connect?

  • Sending a Snapchat requires about 1Mb to upload, your speed will affect how quickly this 1Mb of information leaves your device
  • Fortnite recommends 3 Mbps Download Speed and 0.5 Mbps Upload Speed
  • Zoom recommends 3.0 Mbps Download Speed and 3.8 Mbps Upload Speed
  • YouTube recommends 4 Mbps Download Speed for 1080p streaming
  • WhatsApp recommends 5 Mbps Download and Upload Speed for a video call
  • Twitch recommends 6–8 Mbps to broadcast a stream
  • GTA Online recommends 7.5Mbps Download Speed and 1Mbps Upload Speed
  • Netflix recommends 15 Mbps Download Speed for Ultra HD streaming
  • Most online games recommend a ping of less than 100 ms

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