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Additional Device Registration

You may have a network device which you wish to use with our wired internet service such as a PlayStation, Xbox, or second computer. In order to register this additional device to our wired network, you will be required to provide the MAC Address (also known as Physical Address) of the computer or console.

Please note that you cannot register phones, tablets, and other devices that do not connect directly into the port in your wall. Game consoles must be registered and connected via Ethernet cable as they are unable to connect to our wireless network.

Refer to the Finding Your Computer's MAC Address or Gaming pages for detailed steps in finding the MAC Address of your computer or game console.

If you require assistance in finding the MAC Address of your computer or game console, please contact our Hotline at 519-661-4225.

Additional Device Registration Form

Please note: All fields are required. If a field does not apply to you, enter N/A. Keep in mind that we require 3-4 business days to process the request.


Our Hotline   519-661-4225

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