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Quarantine Information

Quarantines - What You Need to Know

If your Internet connection has stopped functioning, it is possible that you have been quarantined. If you suspect that you have been quarantined, call our Hotline and we may confirm if your internet access has been disabled due to a virus infection.

Computers found to be infected with a virus or which disrupt network performance or security will be quarantined from our network without notice. If you have been quarantined, it is your responsibility to clean the infection from your computer, install all operating system updates and ensure that your anti-virus software is up-to-date.

First time Quarantine

For a first time quarantine, you are responsible for installing all critical operating system updates, installing and updating anti-virus software to clean your computer, and enabling a firewall to prevent future vulnerabilities on your system. Once you have performed these actions you should contact our Hotline at 519-661-4225 and inform the staff member of your status and request to have your internet connection restored.

It is important to ensure that you complete the entire process before being un-quarantined. If you attempt to remove infected files off your computer without completing operating system updates, or you do not enable your firewall, you risk being re-infected and re-quarantined.


Our Hotline   519-661-4225

May 5–August 19, 2022 (Summer Hours of Operation)

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